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Challenge Abbey

Feb 10th - July 21st  

Are you ready?  Are you steady?...

Get family, friends, neighbours to sponsor you for your own unique challenge...Reading, baking, cycling, cooking, cleaning, building!

1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month...anything goes, you make up the rules.

All money raised will go towards a brand new learning hub (to be built this summer) and music room!

The more that is raised the more we can buy and kit our the space with!

The How and Why

This challenge is designed to suit EVERYBODY.. no matter how big or small, wherever the interests and/or strengths lay, this challenge gives the children the ownership of their own unique challenge. 

They can pair up with siblings of friends if they wish. 

The idea is to ask the wider community, friends, family, neighbours, club leaders, to sponsor them for their challenge..

With around 180 children at the school, if everyone was able to raise just £10 that would be £1,800 that would go towards the Leaning Hub and Music Room project. 

We want to hear from us at or DM us on our Instagram page so we can share the children's progress! Who knows, they make it into the local newspaper! 

How to donate

The easiest way to set up sponsorship is via Just Giving:

1. Set up a Just Giving Account or use your existing account

2. Head to

3. Click 'Start Fundraising'

4. When prompted 'What are you raising money for?' click 'A Charity'

5. Type in 'Friends of the Abbey JMI School' and scroll down until you find us it has our logo 

6. Click on 'Doing your own thing' (probably easiest but up to you) 

7. Set up the details of the challenge and voila!

8. You can now share this link far and wide and the funds raised will go directly to our the Friends Registered Charity Bank account. 

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Click here to set up your Just Giving Page

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